I’m the shit

Tim Atkinson wrote this email July 31, 2011 at 10:36pm


So how are things? It’s been
a good month since I’ve sent
you a personal email..

you know the ones where I’m
not like- “Hey buy my shit” and
I actually add value.. (shrugs)

I appreciate you buying any
of my recommendations and
if you did not- no biggie, as
I’m glad you’re here today
to read this..

I must admit.. I do email A LOT
of affiliate promotions to you.

Some are complete bombs.. that
I think are good but end up sucking..
some rock and I hear your praise

Some I don’t even review- If it has
good EPC’s (earning per click) I
will mail it- Yea is that fucked up?

maybe for you.. if you don’t get how this
business works..but if you do, you know
that’s how we get paid the most with our
email marketing.

Now others have made you money..which
makes me happy!

For example my last 2 products I
released(this past month) were 2 of the
best products I released so far in 2011..

FB Conspiracy


Both products were only published
on the Warrior Forum. So you know
if it’s good or bad the warriors will
let you know

Tim why you launching shit on the forum?

Well dude if you have any balls you will do
the same. Most marketers are too scared to
do it as they know they will be eaten to shreads.
Plus I really hate the JV circle jerk and the forum
is where I got my birth..just shut up and keep reading.

Both launches were rewarded WSO Of The Day..
which is some shit I don’t feel like explaining
if you don’t know..just sayin- I promise there some
gold nuggets in this email

So I guess that means their good;) LOL

Just click on those links above and read the
reviews and if you haven’t picked them up
then go do so..really? what you waiting for? ..money
just to show up in your bank account like magic?
ok well read this first

Combined I sold Over 5,000 copies and
grossed over 100k.

Yes I’m the shit!

People are saying everything I touch turns
to GOLD.. and it’s kinda true but not because
I made a deal with the devil- Fuck the devil!

I’m a soldier for GOD- and for you Jesus freaks
don’t email me – saying “well you shouldn’t curse then”
I am who I am- the man is still workin on me and it
doesn’t mean I’m a bad person.. My mom says I’m
colorful;) whatever the fuck that means.. Love you Mom!

The best thing about my latest 2 blockbuster hits
is that I did them with 2 of my students.. As a matter
of fact 1 of them paid me $10,000 to coach him and within
3 weeks I helped him create, craft, complete and launch
an amazing product- Actually it’s said to be the best YouTube
software on the Internet!

Just call me Barry Bonds because we hit one out of the park!

ok maybe not Barry Bonds as he juiced..umm Babe Ruth. I’m
sure he didn’t do steroids and just drank a handle of vodka a day..
I mean have you seen his gut.. (end tangent)

Now James(my mastermind student) before we connected
thought making 50k in a 3 days was like totally unthinkable..

I mean he just wanted to make back his 10k investment and
learn some cool shit (my words not his hah)

and get this- I wasn’t nice. I mean when he paid me
and we started 3 weeks ago I told him straight up
what I wanted him to do.- create, craft, compete and
launch- in his name

Let me tell you James was totally outside his comfort zone
because he was the lead- He paid me to make him a star
and that’s what I was going to do. I wasn’t going to take
the lead.. that would be too easy

Honestly.. I can make anyone 50k in 3 days if I take the
lead..just how shit is.. It’s what I do..not this time-wasn’t

but taking someone with NO brand and doing it on
the most controversial website in Internet Marketing
ain’t fucking easy..but we had a plan

Write this quote down..I posted it on my FB wall today.

Stop comparing what’s behind your curtain to other people’s highlight reels..because the truth is everyone has crazy shit behind their own curtain. You can do anything you put your mind to and even better than the other highlight reels you compare yourself to!!

I was inspired and wrote that quote on my wall. Maybe
right now your failing miserably at making any money
online or in your business. Maybe you think that it’s
impossible to do what I do- make the money I make..

Well I say YES YOU CAN!

You see James thought the same shit but there was something
deep down that he tapped into and took action.. hired me and
over night his life changed. I didn’t reveal some major secret
to him. I didn’t give him any of my connections.

I gave him one thing that YOU have- that everyone has
(I’m getting goosebumps)

I gave him hope! I helped him believe it was feasible

I told him my story of struggle and how I broke through it.
I was firm, grabbed him by the hand and then pushed him
into the pit full of wolves!

I said James- You do it- You can do it- You are great-
You do have what it takes, I’m here with you, I won’t
let you fail if you follow my instructions and follow
my direction.

The end result- A new star was born

I was his sheppard.. James had it in him all
along to succeed and to do anything he put his
mind to-and YOU do to.. You just have to jump
in, out of your comfort zone, put your back against
the wall..

and as the great Frank Kern says, stop being pussy and
quit fucking around- Make it happen

You have what it takes to change your life right now
regardless of your situation. I don’t care if you only got
a dime to your name- and no I’m not talking about a dime
bag of weed, but shit even if you do only have have a dime
bag of weed, roll that shit that up and put it in the air as
your life is changing today!

You can do it!

Live by these 4 rules everyday and you will change
your current situation real quick:

1: Work don’t worry, cause Worry don’t work!!
Now that ain’t perfect English but I think you get it.
Most of the shit you worry about never even happens.
Worry doesn’t treat your situation like a camera but like
a dark room- it only developes all the negatives. Worry
doesn’t empty tomorrow of it’s sorrow- it empties today
of it’s strength!

2: Everyday you have a new 24- It’s just like a basketball
game- the shot clock is 24 seconds and if you take a shot
and miss- Who gives a shit- throw some elbows get the rebound-
and what happens? you get a new 24 on the shot clock. Everyday
is a new 24hrs to kick ass, take action and accomplish your goals

3. Your under new management- Your landlord trying to
throw you out. Your mortgage company trying to foreclose
on your home. Debt collectors blowing up your phone. Your
boss micromanaging you? Stand up! Tell them “You don’t
rule my life- I rule my life, I’m going to be someone, I’m
going to change lives, I’m under new management!! I believe
in a higher power than you!!”

4. Simon Says- You are what you say you are. Me.. I’m
a genius, I’m a hard worker, I’m focused, I believe, I’m
going to change lives..why?? because Simon Says and if
your a god fearing homie- My father says so!! ya dig

James and I went over these rules almost everyday
and he is now on his way to building a multi-million$
empire.. Nothing will stop him!

So yea I’m the shit!

and so are you..

now stop reading and go tell someone what
you learned in this message

Tell them.. YOUR THE SHIT!

and your about to become a star and change lives!

How do you feel?

Take action, it pays,


P.S. Sorry God for cursing so much, but
I prayed hard and I just could figure out
how else to get my point across- thank you
for blessing me and giving me the power to
bless others with the gift you have given me



I just deleted my FB Fan Page that had 12,000 likes- Here’s Why?

Email sent by Tim Atkinson on June 22, 2011:

“You did what!?!”

Yea I did and popped a bottle of Cristal as I did it- (style points- 100!)

I’ve built that fan page from the ground up for the past 3-4 years..
I kinda lost count of how long I had it up.

I mean don’t get me wrong it was a great billboard as people
walked the streets of Facebook and came across my page..

“oh Wowww, Tim has 12,000 likes- he’s super cool and popular,
that blue model profile pic is so cool too- he most be important”

So yea, in online branding I guess it did help me a little because
a fan page with 1 like sucks compared to 12,000 likes!

So why did I do it??

Here’s the quote of the day and maybe the year:

“Creative destruction is the requisite for innovation”

Man I love that quote and it’s so true. (write that quote down)

Sometimes destroying something that took you forever
to build just to start over can be very powerful and life changing.

Change in any form is powerful and as long as you evolve
from that change in a positive light.

I’ve been marketing online is some shape or form for around 5
years. It took my like a 1.5 years just to wrap my head around
this whole make money online thingy. So for the last 3 years
is when I really started to build my brand and make serious money.

So let’s dissect my decision to delete my FB Fan page.

As you know it’s been up let’s say 4 years- and 4 years ago I
was still kinda a newbie. In comparison to my business
now it’s like night and day difference.

My target market has totally changed, the way I build my business
has totally changed..really everything is different. New partnerships
the whole nine..

So I have like 2-3 years of building a FB fan page that’s not really
my target audience anymore and I sucked at it as I was still growing
in my business during that time.

When I first got started online I did niche marketing, affiliate marketing
and MLM(Network Marketing).

For affiliate marketing all I did was do Google Adwords(PPC) back when
it was a Goldmine before all the slaps- Google slapped me so hard it
kinda turned me own;)

I learned blackhat SEO stuff and did well with niche marketing but
man was it time consuming. BTW-SEO is my passion and white hat SEO
is the game you need to play-but it’s always good to know both;)

Most people that get started online don’t go into the Internet Marketing
niche right away- they get sucked into what we call the “biz opp” niche.

“work in your underwear type shit” “fill out survey’s a make a gazillion$$”

I think you have probably been there and done that right?

Truth be told that’s how it was for me. I tried many MLM’s like Mona-Vie-
dude I was gangsta at house parties(or what they call tasting parties) and did well.

I came up with this cocktail and used all the Mona V!e juice and mixed it
with Grape or Orange vodka and by the time the party was over, everyone
was feeling good and then I closed them and they joined my team- LOL

If your in Mona-V!e right now, try that it works like gangbusters (seriously)

disclaimer: I don’t drink anymore- yay for me!

During the infancy of my FB fan page I was the kinda marketer that
was in both MLM and IM and it sucked!

Here’s a great lesson- just do one thing at a time- one niche at a time. I
thought it was smart to be that guy who sold information to both niches.

The problem with that is that both niches are completely different markets.
Yes they both want to make money but trust me when I say a biz opp lead
is way different than a IM lead.

For example: most biz opp leads are straight newbie’s who get completely
confused about IM stuff and most IM leads are jaded/angry marketers
that been scammed a million times. I love both industries and I’m not
knocking one or the other just giving you facts based off my experience.

In both niches only like 10% of the prospects are good for your business,
positive thinkers/action takers and like to buy.

So why did I close down my FB page.. because it was targeted to that
90% who are either too new, too angry, negative thinkers and non buyers
and non action takers- Ha- the total opposite- geez I’m an idiot

Yes it was cool to show everyone I had lots of likes and maybe that helped
in some making a buying decision but at the end of the day it was built

My business today is totally focused on that 10%- the positive action takers,
the buyers- These prospects I can help- These prospects will make money
from what I teach them, these prospects will become huge success stories.

Remember like I’ve said before your customers are #1- their success is #1
and if you build your business with your customers being #1- they will
be super successful-and of course so will YOU.

So I deleted the damn thing and that ugly blue profile pic I had up.
I’m now going to start a new FB page that only targets the 10% I’m looking
for-to help grow in their business and life. My success rate will be sky high,
I’ve already test it!

Remember: “Creative destruction is the requisite for innovation”

Learn from my mistakes- don’t create a virtual asset just to create one,
make sure you have a strategic game plan that will maximize your
earning potential and your customers earning potential.

One of my close business partners has an amazing asset online that
has great authority, great connections in his blog network and has
been creating content everyday for 3 years. But guess what he ain’t
making a dime!

So what are we going to do- Destroy it and rebuild and it’s going
to be a multi-million dollar asset- it’s a fact as now we have the
right game plan.

If you have an asset right now that you know is a goldmine and
your not making any money then tear it down and rebuild it to
make money- link up with the right partners to help you do this.

You cannot do this own your own- you cannot create wealth on
your own- you’ll burn yourself out.

I’m not going to give you a wealth lesson now but I will in the
future so stay tuned to my upcoming emails.

I want to confess something right now to you.

I’m in the process of this reconstruction stage right now with
YOU- my loyal subscriber.

If you recall my last 2 emails sent to you were..

“YOU SUCK!” and “Get Off my list!”

and it worked great- I had great message inside both emails
and I got amazing feedback and at the same time got the
tire kickers, angry jaded marketer and all the people I don’t want
to do business with off my list. I knew that taking you through
this campaign if you made through my hazing you were someone
that deserved my help- my knowledge and I got lots of it.

Which led me to this email I’m writing to you today. You’ve
made it and now I’m going to focus on getting you paid!
Now if you haven’t read my last 2 emails do so now and
make a decision to stay with me or leave me. Don’t worry you
won’t hurt my feelings- I understand

In the next coming weeks and months your life is going to change
as long as you stick with me. I’m going to share training with you
that will change your life and business. I’m going to promote offers
to you that I want you to buy that I buy myself and together will
create a legacy that will be talked about for the rest of time!

Are you ready?

Please unsubscribe if your not and maybe we can do business again

If your here to stay with me then get ready- It’s going to be intense!

To Our Success,


P.S. I’m excited for you


Easy way to add $12,000 to your bottom line this year

How was last week for ya? You ready to rock this week?
Did you make any profitable connections?

I ask this because every week you should make it a point
to form at least 1 new profitable relationship for your business.

This past week was life changing for my business! Last
Weds(June 8th) I flew over to San Diego, CA to attend the Magic
Bullet Seminar-(I also had a video shoot for an upcoming
project). Everyone and anyone that’s kicking some ass online
was at this event. It was truly epic~

Not only did I form a profitable connection but I formed
like 100! seriously

Let’s do some math shall we:) Yay- I can hear you say.. LOL

So like I said earlier you need to focus on forming at least
1 profitable relationship a week. That means by the time
the year is over you’ll have 52 new profitable relationships.
(52 weeks in a year)

Now what do you think that will do for your business?
We all know that in your Internet Marketing business
you can’t reach you max growth on your own-( or it will
take double the time if you get that lucky)

So if you follow my advice you’ll be well on your way to
max growth in your business with 52 new profitable connections
every year. Right?

Now stay with me as there is a method to my madness..

Let’s say every year you made it a “requirement” to go
to at least 3 major Internet Marketing events. please do this.
pretty please?

Remember just in 2 days I literally made damn near 100
new profitable relationships. Each seminar usually has
anywhere from 200- 1,000 attendees.

So let’s say you just just made 25 new profitable connections
at each event- that means you will have 75 new connections
a year to help grow your business- and that is real easy to do
as really everyone’s main purpose at these events is to connect
with other marketers(entrepreneurs).

Now if you combine your 75 new connections from the events
with my requirement to get 1 new connection a week outside events
you will have 127 new profitable connections(at the end of the year)
keyword profitable here my friends- So what do you think that will
do for your business!?! come on think real hard…

Ok now for the fun mathematics(yes math can be fun)-
Let’s bring the “Law of Averages” into this equation. Law of Averages
tells us if you have 127 new profitable connections a year that a
minimum of 12 will make you money! that’s 10% for the slow ones;)

Let’s say worse case that each one net profits you $1,000 a year(and that conversion
would really suck)- but trying to make an obvious point here.. that would
be an extra $12,000 a year for your business and also probably a bigger brand,
bigger list etc. Also if campaigned properly you would continue to make money
with these connections for years to come. Also if you stick to this formula
your profitable connections will start to compound and your business would
grow expeditiously. right? because this is part of your everyday business-

You see where I’m going here?

Now if your like super shy and stuff and have a serious
case of social anxiety.. GET OVER IT!!!!

You see the most growth in your business when you step
outside your comfort zone and take massive action. So suck it
up and start connecting!

“But wait there’s more” – name that movie.. hehe

Here are some tips to make sure you meet this metrics I’ve laid
laid out for you.

Tips to form 1 profitable connection a week:

1. Establish who are the big dogs in your niche- They don’t have to
be super guru’s- just like minded entrepreneurs that resonate with you

2. Friend request them on FB- send them a personalized message- Be real- Be you!

3. Subscribe to their YouTube channel, opt in on their list- comment on their
blog- Basically stalk the hell out of them but in a cool way that say’s – Hey, I
think your cool-I’m also cool so let’s connect:)

4. Connect with them on skype

5. Buy their products- join their masterminds.. but all in all be social and cool-
it’s really that easy to make sure you make at least 1 profitable connection each
week- But become friends- don’t just connect with them to make money-make sense?

Tips to form profitable connections at events:

1. Get business cards made with all your contact info-cell, email, skype,websites
the works! American Psycho style haha (ok bad joke)

2. Sit next to the ones you want to connect with during the event

3. During breaks go up to people and introduce yourself and spark
conversation- Don’t be scared! Be Real and Be you! You can do this!

4. Take them to lunch, dinners- go hang out at the party’s and after party’s.
I don’t drink and still go to make these connections so don’t worry if your
not a party animal- your really there to connect

5. Talk to everyone- Be super cool

6. Ask questions- Don’t just talk about yourself- get them talking
about their business

I guarantee if you follow exactly what I’ve laid down in this email
you will add a min of $12,000 to your bottom line every year- even
if your a complete newbie- You will learn so much stuff you didn’t
know before with every new connection(relationship).

Trust me on this one- I like to think I know a lot about business
and marketing and I can confidently say that I always learn new cool
stuff with every new connection that will help me further grow my

One last thing- Make sure you use your best judgment. Don’t just
link up with everyone. There are some bad apples out there- Trust me
you will know them once you connect. So only connect yourself with
positive people who will help you grow in your business and in life.

Now- your action step is to start connecting today! I also want to
hear about your progress so just email me anytime to let me know
how things are rockin- Cool? I would love to hear about your progress.

To Your Fast Success,


P.S. If your reading this PS that means you a BAM and are
really serious about success. I give you massive props! Thank you
for your time and talk soon

I want to hook you up with a free custom built website valued at $1995 to say
thanks for our time together

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