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So you want to know more about me( I don’t blame you). This is a very important page you have decided to read because it’s going to determine if you think I can benefit your life in some way. If I’m visiting someone’s blog and they have decent content but their “story” is not intriguing then nine times out of ten I won’t frequent their blog too often. There has to be a connection to allow your mind to embrace the words of wisdom from the blogger. I will keep my story short and sweet because what I have to share on this website is information I have shared for the past two years now and I know it changes lives. I guess the real question is..Are you ready for your life to change? You need to be constantly changing for you to grow and conquer your goals in life. If there is one characteristic about myself that I am very proud of, it would be my willingness to always grow. More or less what I mean is my willingness to consistently educate myself and to let myself be mentored by others. This is hard for a lot of people, especially internet and network marketers. The level of commitment and focus you need to have in order to grow can be very overwhelming. Most people are “stuck” in their lives because they are not committed to a clear plan. My goal for this website is to teach all walks of life how to obtain a life of abundance, happiness, love and freedom. My specialty of course will be to teach you how to create wealth in your business(online or offline). There has never been a better time to create your own destiny then right now. My friends if I can do it, so can you-Trust Me!

You see I’m really no one special. I wasn’t born into money or spoon fed my whole life. I am the middle child out of five other brothers a sisters( to be exact 3 sisters and 2 other brothers-Brady Bunch all the way!) My mom was a “stay at home mom” and my dad worked over 12 hours a day to barely make ends meet. The funny thing is I never knew my parents were strapped for cash on a monthly basis because they did an awesome job making us think we were blessed to have what we did. I feel I have the best parents in the world! They taught me gratitude at such a young age and I learned how to appreciate everything I had in life growing up…Ok until I hit like 16 yrs of age. Let’s just say I was definitely the “black sheep” of my family. As I got older I started hanging out with the wrong crowd and was turning into a very rebellious child. All my brothers and sisters graduated college and I dropped out. Looking back on those blurry memories makes my heart skip a beat. I am very thankful I experienced all the low points in my life. If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t change a thing because I would have never got to where I am right now as I’m writing this.

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I have had a lot of jobs; from waiting tables, general contracting etc. There was one point in my life when I was around 20 yrs old when I told myself , “If I can just make 30k a year that would be awesome”-I was working at Lowes Home Improvement store at that time in the lumber department. After reflecting on that thought, I felt an overwhelming empowering feeling . I thought to myself-”you know that doesn’t make sense, I feel I have the ability to be someone special-to be a true success story”. For the first time without me even knowing this I was starting to take over how I thought about myself and where I saw my future going. This transformation was the turning point in my life.

I quit my job at Lowes and because of my customer service background was able to land a job for a marketing/advertising firm to go door to door selling coupon books. Let me tell you I thought I was moving on up in the world. I had to wear a suit and tie and for the first time I felt good about my job. I look back and laugh now because man did that job suck! HA- I mean I was going door to door for 8 hrs straight but I started to do well and sell all the coupon books I had for each day. My confidence started to grow and I subconsciously was clearing a path to my dreams.

After six grueling months I realized that going door to door wasn’t my true calling. I felt I was better than that so I quit that job and landed a job as a telemarketer for a mortgage company(small broker shop at the time). I got the job because of my sales experience with waiting tables, Lowes and the marketing firm(If you even want to call it that). Now I was pumped because this was a different business model. It was exciting putting myself into situations where I had no choice but to stay focused and learn this particular niche. As I write this I know it has to do with the fact that I knew I must take action if I wanted to see change in my life. So I dove right into this world of mortgage banking and got crash course on finance, investments , credit and I even got to go to an office:)! That to me was huge back then. I went through intensive training on basic mortgage knowledge and was thrown into the cruel world of cold calling mortgage leads, setting up the sale and then transferring the lead to the mortgage consultant. Now I remind you I didn’t even know what the word refinance meant when I started! Even with the intense training it was still very unclear how this business model worked at all. As time went on I did more research on the mortgage industry and started to really get good with talking to people about their assets and finances. I soon became the top telemarketer in the company(basically transferred the most leads). My drive to succeed was becoming a train that could not be stopped. Within six months they promoted me to a be mortgage consultant.

This is when my life really started to steer in the right direction. I started this job June of 2003, I learned the business and was known as one of the top producers in the company. I was making a solid 50k a year and thought I was on top of the world. Now if you recall during that time we were in a middle of a mortgage and housing boom and people in our industry were making a killing. You see this was my first mortgage job so this company was all I knew about the industry. I thought I had a great comp plan until I started to get approached by head hunters to work for their company. I quickly realized for the numbers I was producing my income could have been doubled with a stronger comp plan so after 2.5 yrs I quit my first “real job”.

Now I didn’t just quit to work for another no name company that wasn’t going to pay me what I thought I was worth. I was picked up by the largest Mortgage Lender at that time-Countrywide Bank(top 100 fortune 500 company ). This was my first taste of corporate America and I loved it. I was at the best place to work at that time in the entire industry-I had all the opportunity in the world. You know my dad always told me “Timmy if they can do it, so can you and better”. I had that mindset when I started at this bank. My first year with the company I did what no one else ever has done and rose to the number one ranked “Account Executive” in the entire company in my first 8 months. I gained instant fame within the company and was known nationwide. I was recognized in front of my peers in Las Vegas at the end of the year award ceremony for the top 4% in the company(mind you there were about 12,000 people in the company and was #1) Honestly that feeling of such success is up there with how I feel today because it was my first time. I guess you can compare it to falling in love for the first time;)

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I went from college dropout, settling for a 30k a year career to overcoming many challenges and rising to the top with an industry leader. Oh yea and I was making over 200k a year! I thought I found my home for life..I mean I was driving around in a $100,000 SL 500 Mercedes and I was like 24-25yrs old and literally was a mini celebrity in the largest mortgage corporation in America and in my home town. To my misfortune after another 2.5 yrs I got my first taste of the terrible downside to corporate America and the country was hitting a historical recession and as you know the banks were folding like a deck of cards. After keeping my number 1 rank going into my third year our company was bought out by Bank Of America and a couple of months later we were all out of a job. I remember that day like it happen yesterday. I remember driving to my parents house-it was March of 2008 and my dad was working on the landscaping in the front yard and remember just sitting next to him just totally lost. I mean at that time I felt everything was over. I really didn’t know what I was going to do. It was a big hit to my ego, I felt that everything I work so hard for to go to another company and do that again was nearly impossible(if I can even find one that still is even hiring or still in business).

So naturally I went to the internet for answers. I was that guy typing in “make money” and “make money fast”–I was out searching for answers and I was a perfect prospect for anyone that was making money online and knew how to attract hungry people like me. I was inundated with emails and phone calls about how people were making money online and it was like a foreign language to me. It’s funny it was a lot like when I first got into the mortgage industry and not even knowing what the word “refinance” meant! I never took anything I read online seriously because I was “stuck” in my ways and wanted the corporate job back- I wanted that security!

My parents invited me to dinner one day( I was really depressed and they were worried). While eating my father told me he had something that he wanted me to watch. He said it had to do with positive thinking etc. My sisters and brothers all shunned this video but at this point I needed some positive affirmation so I was like sure. What he handed me was “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne. Now I’ve heard of the Law of Attraction by never understood it nor even cared to.

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So later that night I went home and popped the DVD in. I was floored by the end of the video. I was crying and I couldn’t stop. I called my father and couldn’t even get a word out. It wasn’t a cry ridden from sadness or depression. They were tears of overwhelming certainty and relief. This burden of never knowing why things happen in my life has finally been lifted. For the first time in my life I understood why everything happened the way it did. It all made perfect sense! My low times were when I was constantly feeling sorry for myself and constantly thinking about how much my life sucked. All the positive things in my life I realized I controlled as well because I envisioned those great things were going to happen. I realized that my feelings are my guiding light to everything that becomes real. This was the awakening I needed. I knew I controlled my destiny and I now have this infinite power to succeed at anything I do.

So with this new look on life I revised my resume and began looking for another mortgage position. The leverage I had was powerful because of what I accomplished. I had every mortgage company that existed still try to hire me( not really a bad thing eh). There was a position with GMAC Mortgage but it was in Charlotte NC. I asked the head hunter what the top guy was making and they said around 30k a month. Ok, a well known bank and there is someone making 30k a month which is more than what I made per month at Countrywide. This was my best option to get my life back I thought. It was a tough decision to make because I have never lived out of state and I didn’t know anyone in Charlotte. Now I’m born and raised in Maryland. Maryland was all I ever knew but with my new outlook on life I feel like I could accomplish and do anything I wanted. Within two weeks I was packed up and moving to Charlotte not knowing what was going to happen but was excited to start the next chapter in my life.

Once again within the first couple of months I rose to the top of this company and was ranked number 1 and was literally crushing any competition I had. I was making over 40k a month! Not only did I get my life back but I just took it to another level. I doubled what I was making at Countrywide and started living my new life in Charlotte. CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE
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In my spare time I started to educate myself about internet marketing. I realized that this thing called “the internet” was super powerful and there were 1,000′s upon 1,000′s of people making millions utilizing the net! See unlike a lot of success stories in internet marketing mine is a little different. A lot of the stories you hear are from people who were dead broke but found internet marketing and became rich. I was already making in one month what most made in a year so I had an advantage( And I used it!). I could literally buy my way in to this market and buy my way to faster success. I became engrossed in learning everything there was to know on how to build a successful business online and even offline. I bought product after product and paid for one on one coaching/consulting by some of the greatest marketers to ever live. I wanted to make sure that I made as little errors as possible and go straight to instant success. From college drop out to top of the corporate world to a crash course in marketing. I know more about marketing then I do finance now-It’s crazy how much I have learned!

After about 6 months living in Charlotte I ran into another road block. GMAC was having problems and one day I decided to part ways and go full throttle with my internet marketing business. I had about 10k net in monthly bills and all of a sudden self employed(currently I still do consulting for that company). I started to hate corporate America and knew that if I wanted to actually be in control of my life I needed to switch the script. I needed to be my own boss so I would never hear the words, “sorry Tim but we have to let you go”. I needed a business that would put me right back to on track to 7 figures. Lucky for me I already had what I call my plan A+ in the works–Internet Marketing. I was still studying this art every day, reading every book and getting coached by the best on how to start my new business. Internet Marketing became my passion and I knew this was my way out of the rat race for good.

I joined several internet businesses and my first one I went straight to the top of that company and was making a smooth 20k a month with several people in my down line. My big breakthrough was when I realized that the only way I was going to make the money that I really wanted to and to have the life I really wanted to I needed to create my own business-YOU INC. You see I felt that working for a network marketing company and direct sale company was great and all but I still felt like I was working for someone. Now, I know I was at home in my office in my PJ’s but I was still making the guy at the top all the money. Now don’t get it twisted, to this day I’m still actively involved in a direct sale and mlm company because of the passive and residual income it brings me. I’m not saying don’t join those types of companies because after all that makes up a big part of who I am today and also has created 1,000′s of multi millionaires. All I’m saying is that I didn’t just want that- I wanted something bigger!

So my mentors and I totally focused on my brand and building my legacy in internet marketing. That is the best part of being free, being an entrepreneur is that sky is the limit. There really is no limit on how successful you can be when you have your own internet business. I create my own information products on how to be successful in life and how to market effectively on the internet. I have a coaching program where I consult many internet and network marketers in their business. I’m a self made millionaire and every day I learn something new. Every day I teach something new to others. You know my business changed when I put others first instead of myself. There is nothing better than changing someone’s life for the better. My life is one people can only dream about but the reality is that you can make your dreams come true. You are in control of everything that happens in your life. Why should you care about what I have to say and what I can do for you in your life. Because I’m living proof of what happens when you make the right decisions. The decision that you will not settle in life, the decision that you will not let someone tell you “Your Fired”! any longer, the decision that you’re not going to sit on the side lines while other people just like you take action. I created this website solely so I can pore my heart and soul into valuable content that will change people’s lives and to educate you on growing a lucrative and successful business. This way you don’t have to go through the tough times and so you don’t make the costly errors that so many marketers make. For the past two years of my life I have embraced everything there is to know about internet and network marketing. I paid a lot of money for the best mentors in internet and network marketing. I actually know more about marketing than I do financing and financing is what I mastered first! Learning is the most addicting experience ever. Use me to your advantage like others are already doing to leverage themselves in their business. Ok enough with the rant there:) Can you tell I love this stuff!
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I really didn’t hold a single thing back here with my story and how I have come to be at the level of success I’m at right now. Your actually one of the few people who know my whole story. You only get this story right here on my blog. But enough about me my friend, it’s time for your story, your legacy and I want to be a part of it. You know success attracts success. You didn’t just happen to land on this website, you willed it to happen! I would love for you to be the next amazing testimonial on what happens when you put to action what I teach you. After all the worst thing that can happen from you staying up to date on my blog is you will learn something that you can take straight to the bank. It is my pleasure and I’m honored to connect with you.

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