Powerful way to DOUBLE your Traffic

I wanted to share with you an
awesome way for you to get targeted
traffic using SlideShare.

SlideShare is the world’s largest
community for sharing all types
of presentations(not just powerpoints).

It gets over 50 million monthly visitors
and is one of the most visited 250 websites
in the world. SlideShare content spreads
virally through blogs and social networks
such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Keyword there is “virally”

Viral traffic(word of mouth) is the
best traffic you can possibly get. I
dare another marketer to argue with me
on that!

Here’s a little trick to get tons of
eyeballs on your presentation. The cool
thing is- at the end of the presentation
you have a link to your blog, squeeze
page or offer- what ever you want.

So if you get lots of traffic to your
SlideShare presentation then you will get unique
visitors- you will build your list and
convert a % of that traffic into paid
customers. Yippeee!!!

Remember this site gets 50 million views
a month so for you not to leverage that free
traffic is bad marketing and business. That’s
like ignoring the power of Facebook- make sense?

It’s quite simple to leverage the power of
SlideShare. Simply create a detailed presentation
on a topic in your niche(buyer topic). Make it pretty with
pictures and be very detailed. Be creative!

side note: Needs to be packed with valuable
information. If you don’t engage the reader
then your wasting your time and that means
losing money!

Now once you’ve completed your presentation you
upload it to SlideShare. Once you do that you
have an opportunity to share your new presentation
with all the major social networks like Facebook,
Twitter and LinkedIn.

You can share your presentation on your main
wall on LinkedIn and in all the groups your
apart of – this is powerful and will get many
visitors to your presentation. Then tweet it on Twitter
and post it on Facebook.

That alone will get you lots of traffic.

Here’s when you turn up the heat. We have a
goal here.. Yea to drive traffic using social
media but to have your presentation get “featured”
on the home page of SlideShare.

You do that by simply having the most views out
of all the rest for that day- well or top 8.

So you crank up the heat by creating a blog post
about it and then you mail your list to check
out your new blog post.

To put the final nail in the coffin you can
then pay for a little traffic.

You can pay for thousands of visitors for very
cheap at QVisits – go Google that later it’s pretty

This will get you 1,000′s more visitors to your
slideshare presentation and if you follow this method to the
T you will almost every time get “featured” on

Once you get featured on SlideShare then you double
your traffic instantly which means more traffic to
your offer and more money back in your pocket.

Pretty cool eh? powerful but simple!

Make sure you actually take action on this as this
is a solid gold nugget. You need to be using SlideShare
for your Internet Marketing business PERIOD! If not
you’re leaving money on the table.

You need to be marketing on all the top
sites in the world that let you upload
content. Always remember that.. for example


and there’s many more but you get my point

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Let me know what you think about today’s
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So go now and take action

Ok talk to ya later,


PS. You Rock! <– best ps ever;)

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