“Bare Naked Marketing” – Chapter 2 leaked


This is a “portion” of the 2nd chapter in Tim Atkinson new report/book

called “Bare Naked Marketing”


Chapter 2: How I made over $300,000 making bad decisions

(in a 2 month period)

Raise your hand if you feel like you always make stupid

decisions in your business. Raise them high- don’t be shy

Ok for some reason my hand is still raised, but I kinda

need my hands to type. Man I continue to make bad

decisions in my business and it’s really getting old.

Here’s the crazy part: I’m making more money than ever!

I still managed to make crazy amounts of cash even with

making bad business decisions.

Most of the time you don’t know you made a bad business

decision until it already happens or after the dust settles your

like “Umm shit, I kinda fucked that up”

For a while it was getting so bad to the point where

I thought I was losing my marketing mojo. Thank

goodness for marketing Viagra(TM)

Now I want you to learn from my mistakes so you don’t make

the same mistakes I did. Some of the stuff is kinda embarrassing

and other stuff is just plain stupid fucking decisions. Sorry for cursing

-wait no I’m not LOL- anywho

I’m going to share with you a few months of my

business and how I made over $300k while making one

bad decision after the next. The point of me writing this

is to really prove to you that no matter what- you can succeed

online even if you totally screw everything up.

I’m no where near perfect and neither are you- but for some reason

many think you have to be damn near perfect to become a star or

make lots of money.

Let’s go back in my nifty time machine and travel back in

time. If I recall this was the beginning of summer this year(2011)

Let’s call it May-June..

I must admit 2011 so far has been a stellar year for my business.

One huge success after another.. and slowly but surely I started

fucking it up. Here’s how..

Now I’m only going back a couple of months because I’m lazy.

Plus I would need to charge you lots of mullah for this information because

basically I’m going to reveal aspects of my business that are

kinda personal but I know they will help you- So fuck it!

I’ve launched many brands(products) this year and around two

months or so ago I launched a course called FB Conspiracy. To

be honest the only reason I launched this course was because I

wanted to be the first this year to launch a product with the word

conspiracy in it..

Side note: I know, I know that is real gay, lame or whatever you want to call

it but in the “make money niche” there are some words that just

sell-especially on Clickbank.. and the market is funny and some

what cynical.

I already planned to launch a course called Click

Conspiracy in a few months and word got out about the name.

This is a corrupt business and they’re are many haters and people

talk like little bitches. I mean the day after I bought the domain

every single variation of that domain was snatched up.. So for

example:,,, and you name it- every cool variation was taken- and

I started freaking if there was some real conspiracy going on!

For the record the name Click Conspiracy wasn’t even my idea. I had

lunch with some friends in my inner circle.. I told them I was launching

a product called ATM Explosion and they laughed at me. LOL!

Kinda funny looking back on that lunch as that name is pretty fucking lame.

One of my friends is a marketing genius and he just started spitting out

domain names left and right. I heard Click Conspiracy and right there on

the spot bought the domain from my iphone and that replaced ATM Explosion.

So naturally I was pumped about my new name for my upcoming Clickbank

launch because I had some tricks up my sleeve..more on that later.

So rewinding back a bit I had no intention to launch FB Conspiracy before Click

Conspiracy.. I just got paranoid when the word got out.. not sure exactly

how that happen and really I don’t give a shit anymore..even though one

day at my house when my boys were over I remember raging about it,

swearing and threatening the whole industry as I thought someone was

out to get me.. Boy I’m a real asshole sometimes!

My friends calmed me down and at the same time fucked with me a little

about it:) Can’t blame them I was an easy target for a prank or two!

It was about a month before the CC launch and so I had this crazy

idea to launch a course with the word conspiracy in it..The whole

thing is so stupid!

Lesson #1: Clickbank names suck and are stupid!

So as I was sitting in my office searching for the perfect set

up for an eternal launch with the word conspiracy in it I checked To my surprise the domain was available

Ha Ha Suckers!! Didn’t think of that one Muahahahahaha

It kinda made sense as most marketers actually suck at marketing

and have no idea how to market on Facebook. Me on the other hand know

a thing or two about FB PPC. There’s a good chance you’ve seen

my mug all over the IM space on FB.. That’s because FB PPC is

one of my favorite ways to drive traffic to offers and plus I know my shit…

To the point where most of everyone who was anyone was coming

to me for consulting on FB PPC- no one could get their ads approved

and keep them approved. I knew how, knew the loopholes so I decided

to release my secrets to a select few.. but it didn’t work out that way

Lesson #2: Sometimes it’s better to keep secrets..A Secret!

I created FB Conspiracy in 2 days. That actually shocked myself

as that means I was actually working hard:) I decided to make it a

WSO. It was a hit! Many say it’s the best FB PPC course ever created

and we sold over 2500 copies in a week and made over $60,000.

I did a live case study during the release of FB Conspiracy of me creating

FB ads going straight to the Warrior Forum WSO thread!. Secret 1 exposed

and a new trend started.

Want to get your FB ads approved every single time- Launch a WSO and send

FB ppc traffic to it and watch the cash roll in. I taught this live upfront and

other ninja ways in the course. I revealed my exact targeting, images and campaigns

to do this. The result: 100′s of ads with my sexy mug all over FB from my affiliates

promoting FB Conspiracy and then 100′s of other Warriors promoting their own

WSO’s- end result of that- the avg CPC for the targeting I revealed went through

the roof and therefore made it more expensive for all advertisers to bid.

Lesson #3: Teaching paid advertising tactics for one niche will saturate the

market fast.. and fuck up your own campaigning in the process- oops!

I mean I couldn’t even get my ads to show anymore as all my students and

everyone else who bought my course was clogging up the advertising space.

Many top advertisers in the IM niche were not happy with me- umm oh well(shrugs)

A few days after the launch I get an email from the FB ad team to contact them

about my course. Long story short they gave me a warning. I almost lost the ability

to advertise on FB and that would have crushed my business. Now don’t get it twisted

as what I taught in the course was awesome.. but at the same time- some was a little grey hat.

The freakin ad team bought the course it was crazy- I think the haters ratted me out!

Damn you haters!!

Still many FB advertisers are using my white hat tactics in the course and making

bank so I’m happy but it was definitely a lesson learned.

I accomplished what I wanted- the whole IM niche knew about FB Conspiracy

and a new series of a brand name was re-born.. Now it was the perfect set up

for Click Conspiracy.

To Be Continued..

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