Here’s my Super Bowl pick.. (not who YOU think)

In America we are celebrating the Super Bowl soon.

One of the biggest shows in American sports- media buys
are worth millions.. the marketing behind it is fascinating..

The players get to experience the most proud moments
of their professional careers- they put everything on the
line- all their hard work and focus..finally paying off in a big way.

Today my friend is your chance to get to the Super Bowl.
but luckily for you -you don’t need to be athletic. You don’t need
to run the 60 in 4 seconds..

but YOU do need to work your ass off, YOU do need to stay
focused and YOU must never give up! – You play your heart out
until the game is over!!

We have the “real” Super Bowl- We get to play in this game
and it never ends- We get to experience such triumph all the
time.. but you won’t win unless you overcome adversity

I know running an Internet Marketing business
and launching successful products might at times seem like you just
keep going backwards. You constantly see All Star Players score the
winning touch down.. While your sitting on the side line..
not making a difference..

Well my friend- Your in, it’s your time.. You are the All Star -
This is your big play..

There’s something about today that had me so compelled to
teach this analogy of “winning”..

I can help you win starting today!

but my offer ends at midnight tonight

Let Martin and I coach you and make you the Super Star you’re
suppose to be. Click the link below and get in the game

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Talk Soon,


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P.S.S. If you haven’t figured it out yet- My Super Bowl
pick is YOU.. it’s you


dude why are you so weird?

How many times do friends, family or strangers
look at you all funny and weird when you try
to explain what you do for a living?

I mean try in a couple of sentences to explain
your Internet Marketing business. Ha! It’s
funny as my explanation changes all the time.
I’m still trying to narrow it down to one
awesome sentence:)

Frank Kern simply says.. “I sell shit”.

That probably describes it best to be honest but
then people look at you like..

“Dude why are you so weird?”

I mean it’s hard when you first start building an
Internet Marketing business.. Let alone everyone
and their mom has no idea what you do so you start
to second guess yourself.

Then we start to form this inward pressure. We start
to feel fear, anxiety, insecurity and uncomfortable. All
signs that you need to recognize as what I call
“growing stages”.

but the problem is most newbie’s don’t see them as good
signs.. more like a sign that says- “Man get me outta here!”

Truth is you’re dealing with two types of pressure all at
once when you’re an Internet Marketer(at all levels):

1. Inward Pressure: fear,anxiety,doubt,insecurity,uncomfortable
2. Outward Pressure: Criticism, hatred

Yep making money online is no walk in the park.

You have “normal” people from the broad road looking at
you all weird while you’re walking the narrow road..
questioning you like..

“Hey Tim, what’s up with you- what’s all this
Internet stuff? Why don’t you get a real job like the
rest of us!?”

They will make fun of you, they will criticize you, they
will doubt you. This doesn’t just happen to newbie’s trying
to make it online. This happens to advanced Internet Marketers
with successful businesses as well. As a matter of fact you
have to deal with the criticism more at a higher level.

Here’s the important thing you need to understand.

You’re weird!

and trust me I’m not saying that in a negative way

I’m proud to admit I’m one weird dude. Normal people
don’t approve of me. Normal people don’t get me. Normal
people hate me.

Kinda sucks to think about it… but does it?

I take that compliment all day long because the
“normal” way to live your life.. umm sucks!

Normal Life:

-Trading time for money
-in debt up to your eyeballs
-unemployed and broke
-2 weeks of vacation a year(most places you want to go you
can’t afford)
-don’t spend enough time with your family
-not spiritually sound
-negative thought process
-you worry constantly
-you never take chances
-you don’t experience new cool stuff to grow from
-your stuck in a complacent life
-answer to a mean ole boss

and I could list like 50 other things that society
calls normal.

Ok so look at that list again. Now raise your hand
if you want to be normal.

uhh I don’t see your hand raised?

Duh- You’re weird and thank God!

You should be super stoked to have normal people
question what you’re doing. You should be counting
your blessings that you understand that you are in
control of your destiny. Be thankful that you have
seen first hand that lives have been changed because
of Internet Marketing.

You see my friend all the haters will try to
bring you down and criticize you as long as you stay
on the narrow road. They will cast their stones as
long as you stay positive and take action. They will
call you weird because they don’t understand! They will
HATE you!

write this down:
“If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated
me first.. because if you belonged to the world(if you
were normal) they would love you as their own. As it is, you
do not belong to the world, but you have been chosen out of
the world- to do great things- that is why they’ll hate you.
If they persecuted me, they will persecute you” John 15:18

Get READY for it!

Now look, you don’t even need to be a rolly holly person,
to get goose bumps from the passage.

You have been chosen to be great! To lead
others to greatness. You have a gift- you understand the
power that is at your finger tips.

No one can take that away from you. NO ONE!!

Listen, Normal is not working and normal people don’t
like when you do something different. They don’t like
it when you succeed or want to succeed. Normal people
live in a pool of hate with all the other little normal

Can I be honest with you.. I find great comfort when people
criticize me, make fun of me or talk bad about me. “Oh Tim
is a loser, he’s so stupid, he talks funny, he wears weird
clothes blah blah blah.

Sweet! I love it LOL. I mean it’s pretty comical as these
critics and haters think they are actually hurting me.
They are making me stronger, more focused. They make
me more powerful- You think I’m going to let some
“normal” senseless haters stop me from greatness?!?

No one can stop me! No one can stop YOU my friend

I want you to do something.. but don’t do it for me.
do it for yourself.

Keep taking action. Keep thinking positive. Keep
envisioning your success. Keep envisioning yourself
accomplishing all of your goals. Envision you creating
the Internet Marketing business you dream of.

Be different, BE weird – normal doesn’t cut it in this
world anymore! Dare to be different! Be proud to be weird.
as long as people criticize you and think you’re weird..
that means you are walking the path to ultimate abundance,
happiness and greatness!

You know the saying.. “if people ain’t talkin about
you then you ain’t making big enough difference”

If you’re new to Internet Marketing do not give
up. You have the pad lock to the kingdom my friend.
All you need to do is find the right combination.

It might take several attempts, you might even fail
a few times, people might criticize you but you stick
with it- you will figure out the CODE.

You need to define what is normal in your life. Set
new standards and cast out anyone who gets in your way.

The best part about being Internet Marketers.. is we
get to chose who buys from us. We get to chose who we
bless and share knowledge with. We get to chose who
we want on our list. That is our power of being an
entrepreneur. If people hate on you, refund your product,
send you hate mail, unsubscribe from your list the GOOD!

That is a blessing- you don’t want people that
don’t dig your style to be in your life.

You have the power to work with whoever you want
when you want.. and man that’s not normal- SWEET!
sign me up:)

Creating a successful Internet Marketing business
is attainable for YOU- If I can do it so can you.

I’ve been blessed with making life changing income
using the power of the Internet. It’s not all about
the money- my last project I raised $5,000 for a
Internet Marketer battling cancer. I use my power
to serve others.

I have several students who have made multiple six
figures and even one student has made over 7 figures
this year- just from the relationship we have..our
masterminds.. So over the next few days
I’m going to introduce you to a few of them

As we approach the Thanksgiving week here in the US
I want to really give back to YOU- doesn’t matter where
you are reading this. A new beginning for you starts

Dare to be different and it’s OK to
be weird. My girlfriend tells me weird is the new

Talk soon,


PS. I love you – I will help you make a difference

PSS. Hey Haters watch the video below and get lost


Is life this easy?


How are you feeling today? What is your mood
at this very moment?

Now say how you feel out load!

“I feel at peace!”

I just screamed that at the top of my lungs
in my office. It was actually quite liberating:)

maybe you screamed out..

“I’m broke” or “I’m sad” or “I’m horny” lol

whatever your mood is at this moment I want
you to focus in on every word in this email.

It doesn’t matter what you feel or how your mood
is.. the truth is many times we don’t know the root
cause of our feelings.

for example I really can’t put into words why
I feel so at peace.. I mean I have that feeling
that I just love everyone and at this moment
I’m not worried about anything.

Most of us can only describe our feelings but
have a hard time finding the source of it all.

About 2 weeks ago I had the pleasure to learn
how to make sense of why we feel or go through
things in life(good or bad).

Now I’m not going to talk about the law of attraction
and that you attract everything you feel(good or bad).
I mean it’s true that’s how that law works.. but no matter
how jedi you are.. we always go through 3 stages that I would
like to share with you.

Understanding these 3 stages in life will help you
take the right action.. take the right action or
what I call inspired action will lead you to happiness
and pure abundance.. and with happiness and abundance you attract
anything you want.. Money, Cars, House, Spouse, kids etc.
literally anything imaginable.

The 3 stages happen over and over again in your life. You
will always be in one these stages. Recognizing which stage
you’re in is the ultimate power and true awakening.

Stage 1: TAKEN

This is stage where you’re confused. You have no idea
where you’re heading. You’re lost – things aren’t clear.
You’re wondering why am I being put in these situations.
You are way out of your comfort zone!

some examples of be TAKEN:

Why can’t I just create a video? Why did I get this girl pregnant?
Why is my family moving? What can’t I find a good job? Why am I
stuck at this dead end job? Why am I getting a divorce?
Why am I in some much credit card debt?

This stage is where you ask “WHY?”

“I understand that I’m being taken somewhere but
please God show me where you’re taking me. Give
me some insight- show me the light at the end of
the tunnel. I trust that you’re taking me somewhere
but please just give me a sign – Give me a little

does that sound familiar? There have been many
times in my life where I would just break down
with confusion, anxiety and cry out for help. Not
knowing where you’re going is a pretty scary situation.

Are you being TAKEN right now?

well if you are- understand right now that is what
is happening(first step). Don’t question it, just know that
you are being put out of your comfort zone to allow
you to be blessed and to grow. You can’t grow and be blessed
without be taken through tough or uncomfortable situations.

It doesn’t matter if it’s personal or in business you
will be forced to go in uncomfortable situations to
get to the next stage..

Stage 2: Blessed

The realization of why you went through your taking
stage always leads you to stage 2 of being blessed.
The growth you experience from stage 1 to 2 is a huge

some examples of Blessed stage…

I made 50k this month, I got a promotion, I found
the woman of my dreams, I got the new car I wanted,
I got a full scholarship to college, I had the best sex ever,
I have awesome kids and the list goes on..

maybe you’re in the Blessed stage?

Are you staying humble? Are you grateful for being
blessed? What positive things are you doing to serve
others in your blessed stage?

The most important part of stage 2 is to NEVER
take it for granted. Don’t get complacent, you
must take even more inspired action when you’re
being blessed. Don’t get cocky- You must stay humble
and thank the universe(God) for taking you through
the stages and blessing you. Understanding and appreciating
your blessings will attract more and more to you with
ease. I’m telling you when you feel great and blessed,
give thanks and then take it to the next level.. ask
yourself what more can I do to continue this stage
of greatness..

the moment you slip up and stop being humble or
grateful in stage 2 will lead you to stage 3..

No matter what once you go through Stage 1 and 2
the 3rd stage is waiting for you. You must go through
the 3rd stage to grow from your blessing. You might not
go through many stage 3′s in your life.. you might stay in
1 or 2 for long periods of time.. but believe me stage 3
will come and it will define you.

Stage 3: BREAK

Are you broken right now?
Are you at the lowest point in your life? Are
you scratching your head and wondering why just
last month you were on top of the world and now
all of a sudden your world is crashing down?

You will find with great blessings, comes the ultimate
BREAK. This is when being TAKEN feels like a walk in the park.
This is when you are literally being dragged through the mud.
You are reaching an ultimate low.

some examples of the Break stage..

business goes bankrupt, IRS audit, Litigation, divorce,
family death, lost your job, foreclosure..

I mean your BREAK can be anything that is super horrible.
What’s important to understand with this stage is
that this will define you. If you make it past your
big BREAK you will be stronger, more focused and this
is when you see the most growth. You need to understand that
you’re being broken to be perfect.

Just like a broke nose.. you need to break it more to
make it perfect(better) again. The key is understanding
that you are being broken to grow.

No matter who you are, what you’re doing- you are in
one of these stages.. Each stage leads you to growth
and happiness if you recognize them, address them
in the most positive way possible.

I don’t have to live life anymore confused by
why things happen to me good or bad. I know the

You will know you’re on the right track when stage 1
and stage 3 are short lived…and stage 2(Blessed)
last a long time.

The reason I wanted to share this wisdom with you today
is because I know maybe right now you only look at
your life on the surface..the horizon.. but life is
much deeper than that.

Wealthy people are not measured by how much money they
have.. but if they were to lose it all they would know
the path to reach wealth again. Wealthy people understand
the 3 stages that I have taught you today.

I end you with this quote

“Be aware of the big difference between inspired action
and activity. Activity comes from the brain(mind) and
is rooted in disbelief and lack of faith – you are
taking action to “make” your desire happen. Inspired
action is allowing the law of attraction to work through
you and to move you. Activity feels hard. Inspired
action feels wonderful!”

Identify what stage you are in and no matter what
gives thanks, learn, accept and take action.

Talk soon,


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